If you use RobWork in your research then please support us by referencing to one of the following papers:

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Development of RobWork started summer 2006. The dynamic simulation was added in 2008 and was and still is based on the Open Dynamics Engine. The framework has been and is currently used by SDU in several large national and European projects: LearnBip, IntellAct, Xperience, Tailorcrete, MoveBots, Handyman, RobWork is being used and developed in cooperation with industrial partners such as Scape Technologies and the Danish Technological Institute.

  • At SDU RobWork is used in the mobile robotics department for kinematic simulation and visualization of mobile robot

  • in [1] RobWork was used to simulate the dynamic movements of a iron bar, including verification of simulation to reality

  • In [2] RobWork was used as grasp simulator where the use of tactile sensors in quality metrics was investigated

  • in [3] an early RobWork was used to investigate reactive grasping using tactile array sensors

  • in [4] RobWork is used for kinematic calculations and visualization

  • and other works in which it was used [5-13]

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